Are you a photographer without a photo studio?

Do you wish to rent a photo studio?

Let the photographer welcome you and show you how to use the rental photo studio at les Ateliers de la Côte in Etoy?

Find out about the photo equipment for hire. Choose the date for your shoot.

3 photography tips for shooting in the studio

Tip n°1 : vary the lighting

According to your needs, there are flash lights and LED lamps with continuous light for the realisation of your photography and your videos in the studio.

Tip n°2: multiply the backgrounds

A green background is available for video shooting. Grey, black and white backgrounds are at your disposal ready to use for your model photo shoots. The photo studio has also a 80 x 80 cm mini photo studio with various coloured backgrounds and LED lighting for your product shots.

Tip n°3: photo studio for rent in Etoy between Geneva and Lausanne

Higher the photographer to back you up technically for your photo session in the photo studio.

Make an appointment with the photographer, Lykke Stjernswärd, to visit the photo studio

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