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Lykke Stjernswärd, born in Stockholm, lives in Switzerland. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in La Tour-de-Peilz and the University of Geneva in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

To start with, I have experience of working in international design with private clients, small businesses and institutional companies. In addition, I also have 15 years of experience photographing with photography exhibitions in galleries in Geneva and London. Moreover, my photographs can be seen in London, Budapest, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Geneva, Riga.

Subsequently, as a professional photographer, I did set up my photo studio at the Ateliers de la Côte in Etoy when the cultural and artistic center opened in 2017.

Ready to renew the family photography?

If you want beautiful portrait photography in the studio with backdrop and props or outside with natural light, I am there for you. I will make you feel at ease when posing. You take several outfits from your wardrobe for the photo shoot. You will give the best of yourself for flattering portraiture.

Firstly, I define your visual needs together with you. Secondly, I photograph you and advice you on poses. In addition, I create your photographic collection with you.

Are you looking to photograph in a photo studio?

Rental of a photo studio

Test your creativity; come to shoot in my photography studio. Above all, have fun creating your photo session. My photo studio and photo equipment are available for hire for amateur, beginner and professional photographers. The photography studio is equipped with backdrops, reflectors, a soft box, continuous lighting for video recording with two LED lights, off camera flashes, umbrellas, tripod. Bring along your Dslr camera may it be Canon or Nikon. I use a Nikon digital camera with a varity of lenses. You would like to be the wedding photographer for your family and friends. Therefore practice your skills in advance.

Photo courses are available on request

Learn how to set up lighting for your shoot

Photography tips such as studio lighting, colour-temperature, depth-of-field, how to use aperture, shutter speed and ISO to capture candid headshots. Learn more about lenses, white balance, ambient light and lighting techniques. That is to say, choose which light-source you would like to shoot with. Soft boxes and grey skies provide diffused lighting. Use camera flash or create your own light stand. Fill-light onto your model, work with one light or several sources. Sync flash-lights with your camera. Bounce light from reflectors. Use a portable lighting kit for your outdoor shots.

Reproduction of fine art work

Portrait photography, family portraits, reporter-photographer, wedding photography, maternity photography, new born, fine art work reproduction , product photography, I do master many facets of photography.

Are you at ease to be photographed?

A great deal of trust is established between the model and the photographer. You participate in the selection process of the photos. No photos that you do not approve off will get out of the studio. After that, your photos will be free of rights.

Renew your passport photo

For instance, you wish to renew your ID photo for your networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or your CV photo, your passport photo, or your visa photo, shots will be captured in my professional photography studio.

Is post-production needed?

Creativity continues off-camera

Post-processing, photo retouching, advice on how to frame your photos and large format prints are available on site.

Visit photo studio in les Ateliers de la Côte in Etoy

In short, I do invite you to meet with my in my photo studio at les Ateliers de la Côte in Etoy, Switzerland.

Make an appointment for a photo shoot or rental of a photo studio here +41 76 407 11 16

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